IP 2 – Troll Bridge

IP2The picnic area at Yellands has had a chequered past.  At some time it has been the rubbish tip for citizens of Pool.  It is also associated with a local man, Mr. Peck, who had a small holding here that was covered in old equipment.  Some locals still refer to it as ‘Peck’s Island’.

Today the area is grassed, with occasional hawthorn and sycamore trees.  The beck to the east has copper beech, elder, wild cherry, ash and alder trees growing alongside. Across the beck is the Millennium Tree.  This is a mountain ash (Sorbus aucuparia) donated by Dr John Metcalfe. The beck is crossed by the Troll Bridge.  Trolls feature in Norse mythology, and later folklore from the Scandinavian countries, as supernatural beings with a human form.

They obviously still feature in the human imagination, as the bridge has been named after a troll by local pupils.  However, no children have been approached by a troll here (to the best of our knowledge).




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