Pool Riverside Park

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The land was originally given in trust by the Whiteley family of Pool-in-Wharfedale for the benefit of the residents of Pool and surrounding area. It is managed now by the RGMC – Pool Recreation Ground Management Committee.

Pool Riverside Park provides land for general recreational use along with areas for wildlife to prosper. The park also embraces Pool Village Memorial Hall. The play areas are the responsibility of Pool Parish Council.

The park is also the home of Pool Cricket Club and Pool AFC.

Both the land and the Village Hall are held in trust and are managed by a dedicated band of volunteers. If you would like help in the running of the park, please visit the Volunteers page on this website.

We would like to thank the children of Pool C of E Primary School for their illustrations and naming areas on the map shown on the Interpretation Boards. The map is inspired by the illustrations of E H Shepard’s 100 Aker Wood from the Winnie the Pooh books written by A A Milne.


The Park has in total five Interpretation Boards and ten Information Points. The Information Points (IP) are numbered and display QR Codes which can be accessed by I Phones, I Pads and other forms of hand held tablets. When accessed the page relating to that IP will be displayed on the tablet. Go to the Information Point Page for further details.










The Interpretation Boards (IB) come in two different guises. Two of the boards provide details of the fauna and flora to be seen in the park. These are situated at the Millcroft entrance and on Yellands at the top of the Short Steps.

The other two boards display the map and again display a QR code. Accessing these QR codes takes you directly to this page.

The location of each Interpretation Board and Information Point is shown on the map below.

4 thoughts on “Pool Riverside Park

    • The park is situated encompasses the Village Hall, Cricket Field and Tennis Courts in Arthington Lane and the land behind Mill Lane, Millcroft and Wharfe Crescent towards Pool Bridge which includes the Children’s Playground and Skate Park opposite the Shell Garage.

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