Taylor Wimpey – Planning appeal

Received from Johnson Mowat Planning and Development Consultants acting on behalf of Taylor Wimpey – Addressed to Planning at Leeds City Council

Revised Illustrative Masterplan for consideration during the Pool in Wharfedale Public Inquiry (APP/N4720/W/17/3187334: Field Rear of 33 to 40 Church Close, LS21 1LN 17/02068/OT).

The Illustrative Masterplan submitted with the original application sought the development of up to 70 dwellings. The latest attached masterplan demonstrates how the site could be brought forward for the residential development of 55 dwellings with associated works. As we have previously discussed our Client would accept a condition which restricts the development of the application site to a maximum of 55 units.

As discussed the revisions seek to address the matters raised by the Council in the Officer’s Delegated Report and Reason for Refusal 4 of the Decision Notice particularly in relation to landscaping, heritage, ecology etc. The revisions also seek to address the Council’s concerns regarding comprehensive development of the wider PAS site and the plan illustrates how the development could deliver and facilitate Phase 1 of a future Pool Bypass.

It is stressed that the amendments uphold the principles of the application to which this appeal relates; the red line boundary has not been altered, the point of access for approval has not been revised and remains as considered by the Local Authority during the application process, the character and nature of the application proposals have not altered as the proposals continue to seek residential development. The application description at present is “Outline application for residential development with means of access”, the application description does not require amendment.


Appeal Ref: 103400

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