Pool in Wharfedale house fire

Firefighters were called to a house fire on Wharfe View late last night. A man, woman and child remain in hospital today.

Neighbours worked together to rescue the male occupant of the house before the fire crew arrived.

Story from Wharfedale Observer

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Spring photos

Spring is here and although the weather is mixed, we have had some sunny days. We would love to share some of your Spring photos of Pool in Wharfedale and the local area, so, if you are a budding photographer please send your photo to poolinwharfedalenews@gmail.com

Pool Feast 2016!

Pool Feast has it all and this year it will be held on June 12th from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. Keeping checking the website for more information and keep your fingers crossed for fine weather.

If you wish to contribute to the day please contact




Fraud Investigation on CEE (Complete Energy Europe)

Apparently the company (Complete Energy Europe) have been selling an unproven type of radiator made by a company called ‘Xefro’, which uses graphene as a component. However, there are no online reviews of the product on the internet and there have apparently been meltdowns of these radiators when installed. Other residents, including some in Leeds, have paid deposits to the company and have been left out of pocket in some cases by thousands of pounds as the companies above have gone out of business. It also transpires that the owners of these companies have been involved in similar scandals with different companies in the past. The companies are currently under investigation by  Action Fraud, Trading Standards and the fire services.


Skillz ‘n’ Thrillz

Skillz ‘n’ Thrillz after school fitness classes start at Pool Primary School after the Easter holiday. The classes are exclusively for children who attend Pool in Wharfedale CE Primary. A competition is being run on the Pool in Wharfedale e-news facebook page, with the possibility of winning a free session.

For more details about the classes, visit the company website


Please note: Any competition winners would also have to attend Pool in Wharfedale CE Primary.