Latest weather report from Leeds Alert – 29 January 2015

The Met Office forecasts some isolated showers of snow this afternoon, mainly towards the West of our region, and in Pennine areas, giving an additional 5-10 cm of snow in places.

In Leeds, the temperature will rise slightly this afternoon, so any showers will be isolated, with a mix of rain/sleet or snow producing 1-3 cm on higher ground.
The Met Office Hazard Manager mapping shows that Leeds should be free from most of the rain/sleet /snow after about 3pm this afternoon Thursday 29th Jan ( with just a brief shower around midnight).
However as dusk approaches, there is a significant risk of ice forming especially on high level routes and untreated roads, with temperatures dropping well below zero into the early hours of Friday morning.
A Yellow Warning of Snow and Ice (low likelihood, medium impact) is in force until 11:00 Friday morning.It will remain mostly dry, but very cold with winds set to pick up and swing northerly or north easterly over the next few days and into the weekend, with showers of sleet/ snow affecting the Eastern half of the county, over toward the East Coast, more than the Leeds Area. There is a Yellow Alert of Snow (medium likelihood, low impacts) in place for the East Coast for Sunday.

Jim Grafton
Emergency Planning Resource Officer


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