Taxi & Private Hire Licensing Safety Awareness Campaign

From week commencing 15th September, it is the Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Sections intention to implement a safety awareness campaign – Are You Taxi Aware?

The aim is to make visitors to the city centre aware of the differences between taxis and private hire vehicles and the potential dangers of plying for hire activity. The campaign will be predominantly targeted at students and party goers in the lead up to Christmas.

I have attached a copy of the two posters we will be using for your information. Copies of these will be shared with BACIL, Pubwatch & the universities/ colleges to display in their premises across the city and Headingley areas. I am also working on an information leaflet to be made available at the same venues and I will share this with you when it is finalised.

In addition to the traditional advertising methods using the poster drum scheme ( around the Headingley & city centre vicinity, we will be using the Council’s Facebook page and Twitter feed to raise awareness of the campaign. The aim is to link & share via the social media streams for the universities and licensed premises.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information on this initiative or any suggestions as to how this can be promoted more widely.

Many thanks

Service Development Officer
Taxi & Private Hire Licensing
Leeds City Council

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