Dyneley Arms Traffic Lights

Message from City Councillor Barry Anderson:

I was recently asked by a resident to investigate the following issues with the lights:

1. Can you please investigate the traffic sequence at the top of Pool Bank.
2. The new right turn filter turning right down Pool Bank appears to last 4 seconds ( when it is working).
3. Previously if it was clear that no-one coming from Otley was going to shoot the lights 2/3/4 cars could get through, now it is impossible to see the traffic turning right downhill towards Leeds and this filter now comes at the end of the sequence meaning that an accident is almost inevitable as cars turning to Leeds push their luck at the lights and cars waiting to turn to Pool know they have only a few seconds to turn safely.
4. At the least we need an increased filter time to allow 3/5 cars to get through ( up to 8 cars can get through on the other filter light towards Leeds.)

Set out below is the response from Highways.

We have looked carefully at the points raised, and discussed the junction with our accident studies team. It is our judgement that the recent modifications are safe, and are an improvement on the previous situation. We are modifying one signal head to make the signals easier to ‘read’, which I trust will represent a further improvement.

I trust this helps. Thank you. UTMC Manager Urban Traffic Management & Control

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