Highways Issues – HGVs on Main Street

Message from City Councillor Barry Anderson:

The following issue was raised with me by a local resident:

As a result of the premature positioning of the barriers in respect of the Tour de France and effectively narrowing Main Street and the number of HGVs going through the village mounting the pavement on occasions in order to move along I was asked if anything could be done to restrict the movement of HGVs trough the village as it is getting more and more dangerous.

I took this up with Highways and received the response in the email below. I am disappointed in this reply in that it appears as though someone will have to be either killed or seriously injured before any action will be taken. My personal view is that we need to get a meeting arranged as soon as possible with North Yorkshire County Council, Pool Parish Council, officers from both Councils and myself to see if we can try again and find a solution to this problem and I have replied to the officer in this vein as a result of his email.

Thanks, Cllr. Barry Anderson Adel & Wharfedale Ward http://www.barryanderson.yourcllr.com
Twitter @barryanderson19

Highway Services

Dear Councillor Anderson,

Thank you for your email. As you will be aware, the situation with the safety barriers through Pool-in-Wharfedale was not ideal. We share residents’ concerns about the timing of the barrier deployment on Main Street and tried to resolve the situation on the Friday morning.

As you will be aware, Main Street, Pool-in-Wharfedale is an A-classified road, which forms part of the strategic network, not just for Leeds but also North Yorkshire. We have taken into account the concerns of residents previously and have made enquiries as to whether it would be feasible to have a reduction in the number of HGVs travelling through Pool-in-Wharfedale. However, as you may have been aware, when in dialogue with North Yorkshire CC, it was quite clear that they would oppose any plans to increase the number of HGVs using their roads, as it was felt that this would cause further issues for them on their local network, over and above what already exists. Without the support of North Yorkshire CC, it was not feasible to push a scheme through to limit/ban access for HGVs through Pool-in-Wharfedale and I envisage that any such attempt at re-opening such dialogue with them would result in the same end.

We would perhaps have more scope to implement a scheme if there was an accident pattern through Pool-in-Wharfedale that was related to HGVs. However, in the five year period 2009-date, there have been no accidents related to HGVs, which suggests that, whilst perhaps it is not ideal that they use these roads, their presence causes other road users to act with more caution when proceeding along Main Street. As with all such situations, we shall continue to monitor the situation on site and the accident data that we receive and should there be a clearer need for a restriction on HGV movements through Pool-in-Wharfedale, then we can investigate the possibility more thoroughly.

Regards, Assistant Engineer, Traffic Management West, Leeds City Council, Highways Services


1 thought on “Highways Issues – HGVs on Main Street

  1. I find it dificult to believe we have to wait for an “accident”. The frequency of VERY large vehicles with VERY wide wing mirror constructions, especially on continental lorries, means vehicles passing in opposite directions now have to mount the curbs. The pavements at many spots on Main Street are narrow, so pedestrians are subject to being forced against walls and hedges by these pantechnicons. This is a frightening experience and must be doubly so for wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs.
    A historical review of the problem is next to useless as it fails to take into account that both traffic volumes and the vehicles in question have both grown considerably in the last 10yrs.
    The Highways authority would do well to undertake a traffic survey on Main Street, which would provide real data on the problem so we dont have to wait untill perhaps a mother and a couple of school children are squashed against a house front. The problem is here now and affecting pedestrian safety and the quality of life in Pool.

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