Housing Developers Contributions-Education

Below a message from Councilllor Barry Anderson:

I’m often asked by residents how the contribution that housing developers make to education provision when they build new houses is calculated. Set out below is an explanation from the Education team, which is hopefully clear. Continue reading

WW1 research in Pool in Wharfedale

Pat Lazenby, author of Small Yorkshire Dales Villagers – Pool-in-Wharfedale, has investigated and produced further information on those, named on our War Memorial, who lost their lives in the wars.

Descendents from eight families still live in the village, and have kindly lent photos, and given information for Pool Archives. Pat is keen to hear from anyone else who may have information; if you can help, please contact Pat Lazenby on poolarchives@ontel.com

Dyneley Arms Crossroads Traffic Lights

Message from Councillor Barry Anderson and Leeds Highways Department:

I have chased up the Urban Traffic Control manager in respect of when the right turn filter will be operational at the Dyneley Arms traffic lights as I noticed at the weekend that there was a cover over the new structure. I am pleased to say that I have been advised as follows: Continue reading