Arthington Station Action Group gains supporters

Message from ASAG:

First of all I would like to welcome Martin Hemingway to our supporters group. Martin is a member of the Headingley Green Party and they are supporting our proposals to re- open Arthington Station. I would also like to welcome Helen Pickering from the North West Leeds Transport Forum. Both groups are fighting against the Trolley Bus proposals for the A660 and believe that Arthington Station would form part of a viable alternative to this £250 million pound scheme. We thank them for their support and I hope we are able to offer our own support in return. Continue reading

Grand Départ 2014 – road closures and map

A broad statement on closures, the detailed consequences will be telling.

Stage 1 road closures – Saturday 5 July 2014 The roads listed will be closed for a minimum period of eight hours to allow preparation of the race route, the handover to the Tour de France organisers, access for the publicity caravan (which comprises more than 150 sponsors’ vehicles), the race itself, the removal of race infrastructure, and the safe dispersal of spectators. Given the anticipated number of visitors to North Yorkshire, it is likely that the roads will be closed for most of the Saturday. Wherever feasible, access will be maintained on key routes that cross the closed roads for as long as possible before the race.

Full details of closures can be seen at:—road-closures-and-map

Tour de France, Welcome to Pool in Wharfedale

At a meeting last night, Thursday 16 January 2014, the scope of events and facilities were outlined. Details are imminent, but Pool Sports and Social Club Chairman, Steve Mitchell, has confirmed:

‘ After a meeting with the PPC/TdF/RGMC Committee’s yesterday evening it was agreed that Pool AFC and Pool CC can have use of the bridge field and the football practice.

The bridge field will be used for camping, caravaning and camper vans the practice field will be used for car parking.

The preferred entrance to the fields will be via the gate opposite the shell garage. For parking it will be via the Mill estate.’