Leeds – York Electrification Campaign Press Release

Local politicians, business leaders and other stakeholders will be meeting at Harrogate Station at 9.30am on Friday morning to officially launch the next stage of the campaign to electrify the Leeds to York train line.

The line, which passes through Harrogate and Knaresborough has seen a number of improvements over recent years with fast ticketing machines, more services, a direct evening connection from London and improvements to signalling. This has seen number of passengers swell by more than a fifth over the last five years.

The next step, according to local MP Andrew Jones, is to press home the case for electrification to Government by demonstrating the benefits it will bring to the local economy. Mr Jones has worked with local councils, Chambers of Trade and Commerce, East Coast Northern Rail, Metro and Network Rail to prepare a comprehensive business case to present to the Department for Transport.

Mr Jones commented: “It has been great for everybody involved in this project to come together to make the case for improvements to our rail line, and thanks must go to all who have contributed. The Government has embarked on the biggest period of investment in rail since the Victorian era, at the heart of which is the electrification programme. We’ve already had great news for the North with the Transpennine Express service and I want the benefits of electrification for passengers on this line.”

Mr Jones continued: “Electrification could mean faster trains, twice as many trains per hour plus more early morning and late evening services. It also means upgraded rolling stock replacing the tired diesel trains operating now. I know from my postbag how welcome this dramatic change in our rail services would be to commuters and other rail users.

“Electrification improves accessibility to our area. This could lead to significantly increased business and leisure tourism, provide a further boost to our conference trade and help revive our town centres.”

3 thoughts on “Leeds – York Electrification Campaign Press Release

  1. This has the potential to be great news for the people of Harrogate and the economy in North Yorkshire. Now would be a good time for the WYITA (Metro) to do something about making sure Arthington Station joins the party.

  2. What we are looking at here is a Train to Leeds passing Arthington every 15 minutes. The daily commute to Leeds from Arthington could take around 18 minutes or less. How does that compare to the present rush hour ordeal to the centre of Leeds by car for most of us?

    The economy of the Wharfe Valley depends on good transport links. Where most of the areas population spends its money on providing a car just to get to work means they have less disposable income to spend on other things. If the Metro councillors don’t see the chance here to really make a difference it becomes just another missed opportunity. At the moment the silence from most council quarters is deafening.

    But the real answer to the question you have asked Bernard re who is leaning on Metro is –

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