Bus Service 967 Revision

As you may be aware LBIA makes a financial contribution to bus services to the airport from Leeds, Bradford, Otley and Harrogate. Currently this is a voluntary financial contribution of approximately £250k per annum. This represents 36% of the total cost of provision; the remainder is funded by Metro who commission the services from bus operators under contract. The planning consents for the expansion of the terminal buildings impose obligations upon the airport company to fund improved bus links to the airport however the trigger point for these obligations has not yet been achieved.

LBIA have indicated to Metro that they no longer which to fund the half hourly link between Otley and the Airport due to the very limited use which is made of this service. Approximately 15 people use the service on an average weekday (fewer at weekends)  at a subsidy cost of £7/passenger. This level of passenger use does not meet the Integrated Transport Authority’s  criteria for bus service support where services cost over £4 per trip are considered for withdrawal. Continuation of the current service at Metro’s expense cannot therefore be justified.

An alternative timetable has been developed for service 967 which maintains a link between Pool, Otley and Menston but reduces the bus resources in line with the reduced funding from LBIA. It is proposed to introduce this timetable from end of January 2014.

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