Broadband in Pool in Wharfedale

Do we need a dedicated action group?

Rural communities continue to languish behind their urban counterparts when it comes to improving rural broadband speeds.

Superfast broadband – and the lack of it – is the focus of this newsletter from the Rural Vulnerability Service – brought to you by the Rural Services Network in association with Calor.

The Rural Vulnerability Service disseminates information about key rural issues.

Rural businesses and communities continue to face challenges in terms of broadband, with some villages taking matters into their own hands in a bid to get adequate connections.

Latest updates:

Rural broadband: How to reach the ‘not-spots’
7 October 2013
Community broadband schemes are offering superfast speeds as quick as 1Gbps in some areas. (BBC Online)

Rural broadband rollout – taxpayers ‘ripped off’
26 September
The taxpayer is being “ripped off” over the cost of rolling out broadband to rural areas of the UK, say MPs. (BBC Online)

MPs publish report on Rural Broadband Programme
26 September 2013
The House of Commons Public Audit Committee publishes its report into the government’s Rural Broadband Programme (

UK mobile operators invited to close digital divide
7 October 2013
Executives from mobile phone companies attend a government meeting to discuss ways of rolling out broadband to rural areas. (The Telegraph)

BT hits back at rural broadband criticism
7 October 2013
BT hits out at criticism of its rural broadband rollout, describing the task as “not for the faint-hearted”. (

Rural 10% forced to wait for broadband
8 October 2013
The most rural areas of the UK could be forced to wait until BT has completed its broadband roll-out before they get connectivity. (Computer Weekly)

Rural areas getting raw deal on broadband
3 October 2013
Rural areas are getting a raw deal on broadband, says the charity Action with Communities in Rural England. (

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