Surface Water Flooding in Pool

We are grateful to a reader for information on ongoing problems in the car park of Bramble Grove on the Redrow estate. In the last 12 years the area has required repair due to subsidence on at least 3 occasions. Less than 6 inches below the surface the test holes fill with water and the pattern of damage indicates that this water is coming off Pool Bank.

Residents believe that there is a disagreement as to whose responsibilty  it is; but an engineer seemed clear that problems are in fact due to soakaway from the bank.

From information available it is considered that it is Leeds City Council that is responsible, and this situation is covered by the Environment Agency statement:

‘Under the Flood Risk Regulations (2009) Lead Local Flood Authorities are also responsible for assessing, mapping and planning for local flood risk.  Water companies and Lead Local Flood Authorities will need to work in partnership to manage surface water flooding.’

This issue will be raised with Leeds City Council and we look forward to reporting their response.

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