Surface Water Flooding in Pool

We are grateful to a reader for information on ongoing problems in the car park of Bramble Grove on the Redrow estate. In the last 12 years the area has required repair due to subsidence on at least 3 occasions. Less than 6 inches below the surface the test holes fill with water and the pattern of damage indicates that this water is coming off Pool Bank. Continue reading

Pool in Wharfedale Parish Council Application for Designation of a Neighbourhood Area

parish boundaryPrepared by Joanna Rowling on behalf of Pool-in-Wharfedale Parish Council 11th August 2013. There is a six-week consultation period before the designation is approved. After that it will be time to create the plan. In the meantime, there will be meetings to get the work underway. Any residents who want to be involved please contact: Continue reading

The day the Tour de France came to our village

8270045180_3842e208ec_mThe 2014 Tour is gathering momentum, the Press are enthusiastically reporting on political infighting, and local councils are working to provide added value to the event. We are grateful to Saorise O’Hanlon for this article on the day the Tour went through his village:

‘It all started at the end of April. New roads, new flower beds, flags hung up, and a general facelift for the area. Continue reading