More hosta hints

IMG_0234Our Editor’s enthusiasm for this plant has no bounds, and this year pellets and garlic spray have produced good results. Another solution worth trying; keep your pellets dry by putting a teaspoonful of pellets in an open jar, place on its side, hidden among the foliage. It keeps your pellets effective for longer, is fatally attractive to slugs, and less accessible to birds.

Wharfe Valley Alert System

This system system is provided by Leeds City Council, designed to send out Emergency Alert messages by SMS text message and email. Included on our Link Page, the Pool ENews Group will be registered members.

It is designed to give advance warning of emergencies and disruption to businesses and organisations located on the River Wharfe floodplain, within 500metres of the river, Continue reading

Pool Feast 2013

IMG_0229Wind and rain was spurned by visitors to this annual event. Once again the Feast Committee provided events, stalls and competitions that entertained and raised funds for good causes. Well done.

Early visitors enjoyed the official opening by the Feast King and Queen, and some inspiring rhythm from Drums Agogo.