Arthington Railway Station and Harrogate Line

The final business case for the electrification of the Harrogate Line has been submitted to the Department for Transport. Meanwhile, Arthington Station Action Group [ASAG] is to seek further advice from a transport consultant who specialises in the field of new stations, and following a meeting with Greg Mulholland MP are confident that he supports ASAG efforts. Readers requiring a copy of the latest ASAG report should contact

Pool Parish Council has undertaken a public survey among householder’s within the Parish. Out of the 1000 homes that had a questionnaire posted through their letterbox 240 responded. Of those 98% were in favour of the Station being reopened.  Based on these figures and an average of three occupants per household, a potential of over 700 people from Pool could use the station on a regular basis if it were built. The centre of Pool is within a 15 minutes walking, 5 minutes cycling and 2 minutes driving distance from the suggested site for Arthington Station.

5 thoughts on “Arthington Railway Station and Harrogate Line

  1. I think the idea of reopening Arthington Station is excellent. I am sure the new station would be a great asset to the residents of Pool, Arthington and Bramhope.

  2. There is no disputing the major financial, infrastructure and compulsory purchase problems, but the major crown in the jewel, would be to bring Otley “back on track”. The burden of commuter traffic on the A660 through Bramhope, Adel and onward through Headingley is only going to get worse. Given the short-term thinking behind New Generation Transit (NGT) only realistic alternative improvements in the areas from which the traffic originates, will provide a long term solution.

    • I seriously believe that Metro are in denial over where the traffic along the A660 is actually coming from or why. Not much in the way of an alternative is there?
      Given the amount the residents of the Wharfe Valley contribute to the transport subsidy of West Yorkshire through the Council tax and what we get back in return it is self evident that what appears to be nowt is disproportionate to what they get from us.

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