Nutramulch-Black Hill

Message from Councillor Barry Anderson:

I have received the following update from Leeds City Council’s Waste Management Services today:

“I do have some relevant news to report! The Owner of Nutramulch has advised that without further notice the composting facility he operates at Arthington is ceasing to exist and they will no longer be accepting our green waste. This is as a result of the pressures placed on the operation by our department, the Local Planning Authority and particularly through the measures the Environment Agency has taken to modify his permit conditions. Nutramulch have advised that they cannot now sustain the business and furthermore the permit modifications have severely restricted the inputs they can take.

It is unfortunate for the Council as a service because although we didn’t deliver that much material, the site did offer us a strategically beneficial location for some of the crews and no doubt our collections costs are going to escalate as a result of this closure through having to pay higher gate fees and through additional travelling.”

I trust this keeps you up to date with the current situation.

1 thought on “Nutramulch-Black Hill

  1. Ooops, They forgot to mention the serious accident they tried to cover up and now trying to Wriggle out of, that’s why they closed down!

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