Pushing Pool

Our Local Business Directory page on www.pool-in-wharfedale.com enjoys regular hits. For new local businesses in the village we are always pleased to include a free plug for their initiatives in our newsletter, website, and Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Our latest entries include Julia Marshall Book Keeping Services 21 Wharfe Crescent Pool in Wharfedale. Telephone  0113 2037197  Mobile  0754 0232800, and Sour Mash Design, Print and Internet services. Pool in Wharfedale Telephone 0113 284 2775  info@sourmashmedia.co.uk   http://www.sourmashmedia.co.uk

We wish you well.

Proposals to introduce patrols on dog fouling and littering

Message from Chief Officer, Environmental Action to Councillor Barry Anderson Adel and Wharfedale Ward:

We are intending to commence a pilot to introduce dedicated patrols to address littering & dog control (including fouling) offences via issuing Fixed Penalty Notices. It is proposed to include your ward will in the pilot which would therefore receive a proportion of the patrol time undertaken. The patrols will be undertaken at peak times between 7.30am and 7.30pm across 7 days a week and are in addition to the current resource in your area. The work will be delivered through a private sector company. Continue reading

School Easter break consultation to inform 2014-2015 onwards school calendar

In December 2012 the Children’s Services Leadership Team decided to re-visit the fixed Easter school holiday that Leeds introduced in 2011. A decision was taken to seek public opinion through consultation. The results of the consultation will inform a decision to be made by the Exec Board in May/June 2013, when the 2014-15 calendar is approved. Continue reading

Flooding on A659 Pool to Otley work in progress

Precis of meeting note to discuss flooding on A659 between Pool and Otley      

A meeting was arranged by Cllr. Barry Anderson (Pool) and Cllr. Sandie Lay (Otley) with representatives from Peace & Emergency Planning, Highways, Flood Risk Section and a Group Flooding Maintenance Engineer to discuss the above problem which has been occurring more frequently recently. Continue reading