Plans Panel require further examination of Pool Arena application

At the recent Plans Panel Councillor Barry Anderson presented the views of residents concerns and objections to the planning application for Pool Arena.His statement was as follows:

‘I’ve recently been asked by one or two residents what happened to the above planning application last Thursday when I addressed the Plans Panel on behalf of local residents. Set out below is a précis of the situation as I am currently aware of it. I raised the following issues:

I was not happy that the Plans Panel had not had the benefit of a site visit to see the various issues for themselves. I further emphasised that since the Stables and the Arena were last used for this purpose the Swallow estate had been built and the properties at Acorn Way, only a short distance away from the proposed development were not built at that time. I further emphasised that the Highways access on to Pool Bank New Road was wrong due to the A658 being a major, busy highway. There are various road safety improvements that were currently in the hands of Andy Merckel, Highways Engineer, Highways Department, Leeds City Council. I spelt out the danger of exiting on to this road from, for example, Avenue des Hirondelles. Since this site was last used vehicles have got larger, which will make turning in and out of the site difficult. I raised concerns about where the highways and planners expect vehicles to halt whilst they were about to make right turns into the site from Pool Bank New Road, were they expected to sit in the middle of the road, would additional signage be required to warn motorists large vehicles may be sitting in the road. With the entrance just being past the start of the 30mph zone there may be potential conflicts with people travelling faster than 30mph as they have just left the 50mph zone.

Finally, I emphasised the need to improve the noise attenuation measures and light attenuation measures on site.

As a result of this intervention the application was not approved on Thursday afternoon. I’m waiting to get the exact wording of what I achieved but my understanding of what has been agreed is that planning officers have been asked to work with Highways officers to try to find a way of improving highways access to the site. This will involve working with local Ward members and certainly as far as I am concerned this will also involve representatives from Pool Parish Council and local residents in reaching an acceptable way forward.

Possible measures might include putting a condition on in terms of a weight limit in accessing the site from Pool Bank New Road so as to ensure that no vehicles of a particular size are allowed to use the access on to Pool Bank New Road. Officers were also asked to assess whether or not the original entrance off Station Road, Arthington could be used as an access to the site for larger vehicles.

Officers have been asked to work as quickly as possible to getting all outstanding issues resolved and to report back with a view to approving the application.

Once I get the exact wording I will forward it on to you but the above précis is my interpretation of what was said.

The Plans Panel in the main were impressed with the argument I put forward on the highways problems and the lack of a site visit and the dangers involved at this particular junction’.

Councillor Barry Anderson.


1 thought on “Plans Panel require further examination of Pool Arena application

  1. 1) traffic flows on Pool Bank New Road are greatly increased between 7 and 8.30 am and more importantly from school closure to the end of rush hour( 3.30 to approx. 7.00 pm) Perhaps a site visit should take this into account.
    2) is there any indication as to whether animals will be using this access ? This ,whilst being perfectly legal, would pose a considerable added danger on the road and would be totally unacceptable on footpaths.
    Regards, Elaine Smith

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