Dogs Trust School

We have just found out that the Dogs Trust is starting a school in Pool Village Hall to help owners deal with problems their dog/puppy might have. Induction is tonight at 6.00pm for dogs and 7.15pm for puppies. Their classes aim to prevent problem behaviour in puppies and adult dogs. The course last for 6 weeks, including the induction week.


Please note: You do not bring your dog to the induction session. To access the training sessions, you must have completed an induction session.

Leeds distraction burglary warning

Message from the Police:

Across Leeds there have been a number of reported distraction type burglaries reported where a male has attended addresses stating he has lost his dog and it is in the victims garden. He has also asked for a bowl of water for his dog or some tea bags and sugar on other occasions.

Whilst distracted looking for the dog, or getting water, the suspect has entered the address and stolen items from the victim.

Please be aware. If any resident has such a visitor they should call the Police on 101 immediatley.

Report on Pool Feast from the committee

Sunday June 12th was the only date in a busy Pool CC calendar which was available and suitable for the Pool Feast 2016. Inconvenient then that the Brownlees chose the same date for their Triathlon and Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday celebrations also coincided.

With no other date to go for the retiring Committee was anxious that our usual patrons attended to make the day of our final Feast a success, else all the pre planning would prove wasted. Add to these the uncertainties of this year’s unpredictable summer weather and the prospect of getting getting heavy vehicles onto the field with all their fairground equipment, the hours before the day were tense.

Following an evening of light rain and a poor forecast an optimistic early morning call from the fairground crew travelling north from Doncaster was enough to give encouragement and their earlier than planned arrival allowed for a safe set up.

Opening Ceremony time arrived and the skies were more blue as Honorary Citizen Jim Smith and Pool Feast Queen gave their eloquent opening speeches and the event was off. Eventually the ladies from East Steel Pans were able to perform having been severely hampered by the traffic cordon around Leeds for the Triathlon event. They were worth the wait and once again played us through the afternoon.

With no way of informing the Village community of the decision to go ahead attendance was slow to build. Given the external competition and weather, numbers were very encouraging and the Committee are grateful to the attendees and local groups who came together to make the afternoon another success.

All went according to plan until around 3:30 pm when the skies darkened and out came quite a heavy drizzle to cool those who had taken part in the Chris Leggatt 5k Trail Run. For some the damp proved too much and attendance thinned but not before we’d enjoyed the Wellie Plank races hosted by Pre-School. Thanks to Rachel and Keith Wilson for donating the planks to next year’s Feast.

As always the afternoon was rounded off by the egg throwing event, another success, and the ever popular children’s races.

Thanks to the ladies of the WI who provided the opportunity of a tasty cream tea throughout the afternoon and the Village Hall who provided the venue for them.

Thanks also to Pool CC for their cooperation, Paul Woodham and the Tennis Club for hosting the Chris Leggatt Memorial Trophy and Pool CE School for tables and their hall and playground as a wet weather back-up.

Finally our thanks to all those who supported in many different ways from the programme distributors right through to our printer Andy Jones Gerrard and paper supplier John Clemmie; all the guys who turned up to help erect the Neighbourhood Planning Group Gazebo and Tom Butler, Schofield and Simms Insurance Brokers who provided indemnity for the day.

So the retiring Committee feel we go out with another good result under our belt. All costs covered by events on the day and a small surplus to donate to a local group.

On a personal note I would like to thank all my Committee for their support over the last six years and wish the new Committee every success, whomever they may be.

The format is well established and we will advise and support the new Committee.

Richard Parker  07764684023

Janet Marshall  Julie Pallister   Jill Clark   Sue Leggatt   Mavis Pope