Dogs Trust School

The Dogs Trust are running another round of their fantastic dog school at the Pool Village Hall. Classes begin on Thursday 3rd November and some spaces are available. There are spaces for adult dogs at 5.00pm and some spaces remain in the puppy class at 7.15pm. The schools aim is to prevent problem behaviours in dogs, to promote responsible ownership and to create well-mannered pets within the community. If you would like to attend the 6 week course, please email or phone 01132814933.

Changes to Pool in Wharfedale filling station

You may be aware that there are massive changes being proposed for the filling station in Pool. One is for the illuminated signage (16/05576/ADV) and the other for the re-configuration of the filling station (16/05575/FU), so you must  submit your comments on both. If you would like to see all the info an easy way is to log in to:

From this you can also make your comments known. Please submit comments by 28th October.

Dogs Trust School

We have just found out that the Dogs Trust is starting a school in Pool Village Hall to help owners deal with problems their dog/puppy might have. Induction is tonight at 6.00pm for dogs and 7.15pm for puppies. Their classes aim to prevent problem behaviour in puppies and adult dogs. The course last for 6 weeks, including the induction week.


Please note: You do not bring your dog to the induction session. To access the training sessions, you must have completed an induction session.

Leeds distraction burglary warning

Message from the Police:

Across Leeds there have been a number of reported distraction type burglaries reported where a male has attended addresses stating he has lost his dog and it is in the victims garden. He has also asked for a bowl of water for his dog or some tea bags and sugar on other occasions.

Whilst distracted looking for the dog, or getting water, the suspect has entered the address and stolen items from the victim.

Please be aware. If any resident has such a visitor they should call the Police on 101 immediatley.