Selective Part-night Street Lighting

This is a letter that you may receive:

To the Owner/ Occupier

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Selective Part-night Street Lighting

Due to the need to reduce the Council’s carbon emissions and light pollution, together with increased energy costs and national government budget cuts the Council is introducing part-night street lighting for a small proportion of street lights across the city.

Although this is a new initiative to Leeds, part-night street lighting is not a new idea and has been successfully introduced by other Local Authorities since 2007. Some Local Authorities have decided to part-night switch the majority of their street lights. However, Leeds is taking a more cautious approach and is proposing to part-night switch around 8% of the 92,000 street lights in Leeds. To date there have been no detrimental effects reported on crime or road traffic accidents.

You have received this letter as a resident who lives within 50m of one or more of the potential street lights that have been selected to be part-night switched in your street between midnight and 5:30 a.m. Please note that all street lights will continue to be lit until midnight and the majority of lights will continue to be in operation throughout the night. Only those selected to be part-night switched will go out around midnight. Signage informing road users’ of the lights that will be part-night switched will be installed.

By introducing these proposals across Leeds it has the potential to save around £1.3 million on energy costs over the next ten years and will also reduce the Council’s carbon emissions for street lighting by 4.7% per annum.

We have already completed the conversion of 1422 street lights on main roads across the city and we are now moving into residential areas.

Risk assessments, including site visits, have been carried out in each area using the avoidance criteria below to determine which lights are appropriate to be switched off.

Part-night switching will be avoided:

• On roads with a significant road traffic accident record during the proposed switch-off period.
• In areas with an above average record of crime during the proposed switch-off period.
• In areas with a police record of frequent anti-social behaviour during the proposed switch-off period.
• In areas provided with CCTV local authority / police surveillance equipment
• In areas with sheltered housing and other residences accommodating vulnerable people.
• Around 24hr operational emergency services sites, including hospitals.
• At formal pedestrian crossings, subways and enclosed footpaths and alleyways where one end links to a street that is lit all night.
• Where there are potential hazards on the highway such as roundabouts, central carriageway islands, chicanes and traffic calming features.
• Where public transport stops are in use during the proposed period of switch-off (this was included in response to consultation feedback)

The Selective Part-night Street Lighting Initiative will be moving into the Adel and Wharfedale area with effect from the 1st December 2014 and will take approximately 3 weeks to complete.

Further information and site plans identifying the individual street lights to be part-night switched in your area please visit or email If you are unable to access the online information please call 0113 222 4407.

If you believe the above criterion above has not been followed, please get in touch using the above contact details or alternatively contact your local councilors:

• Councilor Barry Anderson
Tel: (0113) 3951731 or email @
• Councilor Les Carter
Tel: (0113) 395 1740 or email @
• Councilor Billy Flynn
Tel: (0113) 247 4550 or email

Yours faithfully

Mary Levitt-Hughes
Project Officer

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